There are a lot of similarities between uncharted and tomb raider series, making uncharted 4 a perfect title to play if you are already familiar with miss croft’s adventures. If you want to do all the side missions, however, you can stay with the game for about 20 or so hours.

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Even though the first two titles from the darksiders series are more similar to the legend of zelda, this game contains many tomb raider elements.

Games like tomb raider and uncharted. Tomb raider (2013), rise of the tomb raider, and shadow of the tomb raider chart the progression of lara from a fragile survivor to an apex hunter. Whether it be the fantastical gods of war or the thematical similar uncharted 4, fans of tomb raider will enjoy playing these games for their exploration, adventure, and stories. First off we got prince of persia.

1 horizon zero dawn (2017) this title feels like a cross between tomb raider and assassin’s creed, with a plot that has to be one of the most thrilling ones in video game media. Nathan drake is a treasure hunter. As for games similar to tomb raider, only uncharted comes to mind, but some of the games in the series were criticized as being too much point and shoot and hide behind covers and repeat

Lots of running and jumping and climbing, as that is my favorite part. It requires careful eyes, quick reflexes and good planning to get through the various challenges. Definitive edition the last of us arkham knight

Once you’re done with them, you’ll want to get your hands on something similar. The original tomb raider is a game confined to exploring huge tombs, with dangerous animals, clever traps and difficult platforms to jump. Raise of the tomb raider.

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Hear why the developer thinks lara croft's reboot is anything but another naughty. Games similar to tomb raider (2013) uncharted 2: But i'll take any similarity you can think of.

Those looking for some games like tomb raider will not be disappointed. Horizon zero dawn sets players up in the wilderness, set in the future, and it feels as if the whole world is for the taking. If you weren't already playing videogames in 1996 when tomb raider first came out, chances are you didn't play the entire lara croft saga thus far.

Uncharted and modern tomb raider owe pretty much everything to this game, it introduced the modern action platformer system they all use. While slightly different in terms of the era in which the game is set, horizon zero dawn is a brilliant action adventure with many features similar to uncharted. Specifically in terms of movement.

It is a sequel to tomb raider. Some other great stealth/melee/bow games would be cool too. So far, my ps4 collection includes:

And all three games are the very best of her harrowing adventures. The media is flooded with games like tomb raider, call of duty, red dead redemption, uncharted, assassin’s creed, dark souls, metal gear solid, halo, pokemon, bayonetta, metroid, the last of us, halo reach, god of war, destiny, dragon age, mass effect, uncharted 2, the last of us, the legend of zelda, resident evil, star wars, the last of us,. While not quite tomb raider, i think you'd enjoy playing last of us for example, and the next one that should pop up this year or in the next year.

The last of us (2013): 10 the legend of zelda: Tomb raider is like the older sister of uncharted, and the classic series got a reboot in 2013 that kicked off a new set of adventures with everyone’s favourite tomb raiding, butt.

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I have got your fix. Sands of time is considered by many to be one of the best games ever, and warrior within and two thrones are pretty good too. Take a look at some games similar to uncharted that will keep you busy for a while.

Lara’s reboot trilogy brought the og archaeologist of gaming back to mainstream prominence. Top adventure games, here you will find the best list for adventure games, playing this games its like you travel, games like tomb raider and uncharted. It’s probably because of the increased realism in visuals combined the rising quality of the writing, but i find that as i play more recent games, i’m having

The rise of the tomb raider was developed by crystal dynamics. The game was released to overwhelming positive response with critics pointing out seamless gameplay and brilliant graphics as the best takeaways from the game. Here we are with some games similar to that of “uncharted 4”.

Also pretty much every tomb raider is on pc. If you are a fan of the uncharted series, then you are bound to love tomb raider and its platforming mechanics which are pretty similar to uncharted 3. The only problem is that these games provide little replayability value.

If you liked tomb raider, here is another game like uncharted that you are surely going to enjoy. Take the opening scene of raiders of the lo. The last of us (2013)

Tomb raider (reboot) prince of persia; Twilight princess is one of the grittiest games in its franchise In comparison, the uncharted games are relatively new having begun in the ps3 generation and concluded in the ps4 's (at least for now).

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The nathan drake collection tomb raider: Irrational games, the studio behind this franchise, has created a real piece of art in the form of infinite.

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